Choux au craquelin* with mascarpone cream and strawberry sauce

(50 g.)
3.15 €

Choux au craquelin with mascarpone cream and strawberry sauce

Squeeze the content of the pipette into the cake just before eating!



*Choux au craquelin is a dessert made with choux pastry, and topped with a thin cookie disc called craquelin. The craquelin is made with a mix of butter, sugar and flour – just like pie or shortcrust pastry. In contrast to regular choux pastry buns, craquelin adds a layer of sweetness and makes the cream puff delightfully crunchy. 

As the choux pastry bakes and expands, the cookie disc (craquelin) bakes and forms a sweet, crisp, crackly crust on top, enveloping the top of the cream puff. 

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