Pavlova white and brown merengue: whats the difference?



We never pre-make Pavlova cakes. All Pavlovas are assembled only after we recieved your order. It takes 3 to 5 minutes to prepare one cake.

We bake merengue bases fresh every day and we have 2 different versions of it: white (for minicake) and brown (for bigger sized cakes).

Both  bases have soft marshmellowlike inside and crispy shell outside. Brown base baked at higher temperature, therefor sugar in outter shell is caramelized. Due to this dessert feels less sweet and can be preserved longer (5-6hours for 220g cakes, and up to 12 hours for 650-1200g cakes).

White base cake we recomment to eat on spot or within 1 hour from preparation, because delicate crispy shell starting to melt under whipped cream very fast even in refrigerator and cakes loses its beauty.

Brown base can be a little chewy and its totally normal.